Shelf file ideally suited for storing books, newspapers, brochures, magazines and collections of loose and unbound objects. Also available with an additional support to keep the slipcase upright, and to prevent the objects from bending over if the file is not completely full. In the case of books being shelved, the slipcase can also be used as a bookcase. All sizes ex stock.



We confirm that our board and paper qualities and the products manufactured from them meet the following conditions:


100 % bleached cellulose (alpha cellulose)

without usage of recycled fibres

lignin-free ( free from wooden fibres)

acid-free; pH value 8,0 - 9,5 and in accordance with ISO 6588-1-2005 cold extract

Buffer sunbstance > 2 % natural calcium carbonate (GCC)

neutral / synthetic sizing (without alum additive)

with PAT certificate.


Herewith we guarantee that our board and paper qualities correspond to the technological basis of the ISO 9706 standard as well as to the DIN 6738 LDK 12-80 standard, which is the highest level of permanency.

Code Title Εσωτερικές Διαστάσεις Εξωτερικές Διαστάσεις Υλικό Quantity
2119009 NOMI BOX KS9 250x200x80[mm] 259x206x85[mm] E-flute 1,6mm Add this item to the basket
2119109 NOMI BOX KS9 265x220x50[mm] 274x226x55[mm] E-flute 1,6mm Add this item to the basket
2480109 NOMI BOX KS9 307x220x80[mm] 316x226x85[mm] E-flute 1,6mm Add this item to the basket