Funcosil SNL is a hydrophobizing impregnation agent for porous, mineral building materials such as fair faced brick masonry work, sand lime brick, mineral renders, aerated concrete and lightweight concrete. It can also be used to subsequently impregnate mineral paint coatings.




Funcosil SNL is a reactive, oligomer siloxane solution for water repelling impregnation of mineral building materials.

Because of its low molecular structure in the packaged state, Funcosil SNL has very good penetration capacity and reacts chemically in the building material in the presence of humidity, converting into a water repelling, UV light stable and weather resistant active ingredient.

After application, the active ingredient is deposited as a macromolecular layer on the capillary and pore walls without noticeably impairing water vapour diffusion capacity.

Funcosil SNL reduces the absorption of water and pollutants and thus inhibits the growth of microorganisms on the surface of mineral building materials.

Resistance to frost and deicing salts is improved and energy losses are reduced.

Surfaces of building materials impregnated with Funcosil SNL have much less tendency to soil.




The substrate must be in sound condition. Structural defects such as cracks, cracked joints, defective connections, rising damp and hygroscopic moisture must be remedied before impregnation is carried out. It must be ensured that water and salts that cause damage dissolved in the water cannot migrate behind the water repelling zone

The surfaces to be impregnated often have a patina of various types of soil that reduce absorption. The cleaning measures required to restore the original absorption capacity should be as gentle as possible, e.g. by spraying with cold or warm water or by steam cleaning. For stubborn soil, the Rotec low pressure blasting procedure or one of the Remmers cleaning products (see respective Technical Information Sheets) should be used. When cleaning, care should be taken not to damage the building substance any more than necessary.

Residue from prior cleaning measures (e.g. surfaceactive agents) could impair the water repelling effect and must be completely washed off.

State of the substrate:

Absorption of the impregnation agent is a prerequisite for an optimal effect. This will depend on the respective pore volume and moisture content of the building material. For this reason, the substrate should be as dry as possible.

High concentrations of damaging salts cause serious damage to buildings that cannot be prevented by hydrophobic impregnation.




The impregnation agent is applied under gravity in a flow coating procedure generously enough that a 3050 cm long film of liquid runs down the building material. The nozzle should be held horizontally and led along the facade without interruption. After the impregnation agent has been absorbed, the process is repeated several times.

Spraying pressure and nozzle diameter should be selected so that misting does not occur.

To avoid missing areas, limited sections should be completely impregnated without interruption.

A brush or roller can be used for smaller, complicated surfaces that do not allow a spray application. In this case, the required application rate can only be achieved by working with well saturated tools.

Protect the freshly impregnated surface from driving rain for at least 5 hours. Strong wind and sunlight may accelerate evaporation of the carrier which has a negative influence on penetration depth.

The surface of less absorbent substrates should be washed off with V 101 Thinner half an hour to an hour after application to remove excess material which could create a gloss.



Working temperature:

Water repelling impregnation is preferably carried out at temperatures between +10 °C and +25 °C.

Sun awnings can be used to prevent surfaces from heating too strongly.

At temperatures below 10 °C, evaporation of the carrier and formation of the active ingredient may be considerably delayed.




During application and the drying period, especially at low temperatures and when there is no wind, solvent vapours may enter the building. Keep all windows, doors and openings closed during impregnation work. After the impregnation agent has dried, ventilate living spaces.



Testing the effectiveness

Water absorption on mineral building materials before and after a hydrophobizing impregnation can be determined with the aid of the Funcosil Test Plate (Art. No. 0732) or with the Funcosil Test Tube (Art. No. 4928) developed by Professor Karsten.

Testing after the hydrophobizing measures should be carried out at the earliest after 4 weeks and the results recorded.



Tools, cleaning

Solvent resistant, low pressure conveying and spraying equipment as well as liquid pumps. Tools must be clean and dry. After use and before longer interruptions they should be thoroughly cleaned with white spirit.



Application rate

Brick masonry work, fine pored: At least 0.8 l/m²

Brick masonry work, coarse pored: At least 1.0 l/m²

Sand lime brick, smooth: At least 0.5 l/m²

Sand lime brick, cleft, bossed: At least 0.7 l/m²

Render: At least 0.5 l/m²

Aerated concrete: At least 1.0 l/m²

Fibrated cement: At least 0.3 l/m²

Modular concrete blocks: At least 1.2 l/m²

Natural stone, fine pored: At least 0.6 l/m²

Natural stone, coarse pored: At least 1.5 l/m²


Impregnation agent requirements for calculation and tender should be determined on a sufficiently large trial area (12 m²). The effectiveness of the impregnation can also be checked on this surface.



Shelf life:

At least 2 years in unopened containers. The containers should be protected from temperatures above + 30°C and stored dry. Once containers have been opened, the contents should be used as soon as possible.




Available in: 5lt and 30lt.







Colorless liquid




Low molecular alkyl alkoxy siloxane with additives



Specific gravity:

0.80 gr/cm3 (25οC)



Siloxane content:




Consumption (dep. porosity):

0.5 – 1.5 l/m2



Flash point:  




Dilution / Cleaning:

White spirit

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