The Logan 450 is a 40″ (101cm) capacity base board mounted mat cutting system with parallel mat guide in aluminum channels, 90 degree squaring bar, 20″ (51cm) removable measuring bar, production stops, hinging guide rail, improved 701-1 Straight Cutter Elite and Pull Style Bevel cutter.


Includes five Logan 270 blades.


The 450 is an excellent mat cutter for moderate volume needing a standard 40″ (101cm) capacity machine.


Product Features / Highlights:

  • 40″ (101 cm) capacity
  • bevel and straight cutting heads
  • hinged aluminum guide rail
  • two guide rail production stops
  • squaring bar to hold mat board square
  • 20″ (51cm) removable measuring bar with stop
  • parallel mat guide in aluminum channels




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